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Increase business agility, reduce IT costs and simplify
administration with cloud computing

Cloud Solutions & Services

Today, the cloud, cloud computing, cloud solutions and cloud services mean different things to different people, depending on their environment and perspective. In truth, there’s not a single definition. The industry has simply renamed what IT consultants, manufacturers, and data center providers have offered for years. We have the experience and insight to help you build your private, managed or hybrid cloud. We can provide infrastructure as a service to your end users from our state-of-the-art data center. Or, we can customize the type or level of infrastructure services we manage in concert with those you manage, enabling portability between on-premise, co-located, and cloud environments.

Cloud Infrastructure

Bare Metal Servers, Virtual Servers, Storage

Cloud Backup

Fully Managed, Off-site, Disaster Recovery

Cloud Security

Firewall, DLP, Content Filtering, Vulnerability Assessments


Load Balancing, Network Appliances, Domain Services, Unified Communications

Managed Services

Controls, Monitoring & Reporting, Management Tools, Managed Hosting, Support

Cloud Computing Benefits

Increase Business Agility – Instantly provision storage and scale resources up or down as needed with real-time access to additional network storage, and computing resources. You can use the same IP schema on our cloud as you can do on premise.


Reduce IT costs – Lower capital and operational costs by leveraging our infrastructure and expertise. You’ll reduce costly hardware refreshes and free your staff to focus on your core business.


Simplify Administration – Automated resource management simplifies administrative tasks while enabling you to manage all VMs in your environment. You can manage huge data sets with ease and create customer-facing systems quickly.

Cloud Computing Use Cases

Data center extensions:
Gain additional capacity expanding data center footprint.
High performance computing: 
Support enterprise-class tier 1 apps that demand low latency.
Peak/seasonal needs:
Enable dynamic, on-demand expansion to address cyclical business.

The right path to the cloud

For the most appropriate and practical path to the cloud, count on Pinnacle Business Systems.